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The Gospel of Matthew (1847-1848) & (1868): Vocalism of the First Syllable

EasyChair Preprint no. 9243

26 pagesDate: November 4, 2022


The article examines the system of vocalism of two texts of Holy Scripture: the Gospel of Matthew (1868), one of the first religious texts in the Mansi language, and the Gospel of Matthew (1847-1848), discovered by the staff of the Institute of Linguistics of the RAS in the archives of St. Petersburg. According to the title page of the first source, it refers to the Kоnda dialect, about the second source only its authorship and the place of recording are known. At the same time, both sources have similar graphics. This study is devoted to the study and analysis of the vowel sounds of the above-mentioned Gospels in order to clarify their dialect affiliation. To solve this problem, a graph-phonetic analysis was carried out with the involvement of additional sources. As a result, the features were identified that allow us to verify the belonging of both Gospels to the Eastern dialects, according to the implementation of the ProtoMansi *i, *e, and to get closer to establishing their exact dialect.

Keyphrases: archival data, dialect affiliation, Gospel of Matthew, the Mansi language, Vocalism

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