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Underwater visible light communication using LiFi

EasyChair Preprint no. 5080

4 pagesDate: March 1, 2021


Now a days, Data transmission without using any network is very tedious job to do. In this paper, data and audio is transmitted and gotten through visible lights and control the devices. The data is generated by microcontroller (tx) then transmitted through LED, these data can be received by photo detector and displayed on microcontroller. It is an advanced technology and the accuracy is more. In this paper data communication, controlling the devices and as well as transmission of audio through visible light is achieved. Now a day, Wi-Fi is commonly used technology but the radiations are hazardous for human health so Li-Fi is the one which eliminated the wireless technology like Wi-Fi and transmits the data by using light. The security of transmitting the data is more compare to other technology. In industries, for file transmission and data transmission this technology is very useful because without using any networks one can easily transmit the data through existing light. It is user friendly and is cost effective. This technology is also used to control the devices like bulb, fan etc through visible light so that we can avoid the wastage of electricity. The data rate in this technology is faster than 10Mbps.

Keyphrases: Audio Playback Recorder, LED, Li-Fi, Receiver, Transmitter, underwater communication, VLC

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