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Arduino Operated Portable Hammering Machine

EasyChair Preprint no. 7400

20 pagesDate: February 1, 2022


This project aims at designing and fabricating an automated hammering machine that can perform hammering operations without the involvement of any human operator. This project is selected because no such machines with speed control using arduino are available in these industries. The introduction of an automated hammering machine in the industries will help the industries in prospering and it will make the operations safe and easy. Moreover, the project will have a greater impact on the metal industries. The machine will be capable of performing fast and accurate hammering operations with the help of a 220V household supply. Mild steel is used for fabricating the machine. A large pulley and a shaft are connected with the help of a connecting rod. The spinning shaft will provide lateral motion to the rod. A mid-swinging arrangement is used for attaching the hammer and the connecting rod. A suitable bed will be developed for holding the work piece.Autodesk Inventor is used for designing the machine.

Keyphrases: Arduino, Automated, Hammering, Small Scale Industry

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