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Global Path for Covering Tasks Performed by Swarming Chloroplastic Robots

EasyChair Preprint no. 1767

4 pagesDate: October 24, 2019


Our chloroplastic robots are able to passively move toward a light source in a reactive manner. In this paper, we apply the swarm robotic system to a task that requires the chloroplastic robots to cover the entire environment including shadow areas. In order for the robots to achieve the covering task, we propose a global path of the light source. The light source moving along the path illuminates shadow areas. Thus the robots are able to cover the entire environment. The global path is generated in consideration of the formation of robots performing the task. Through simulation experiments, the proposed path is compared to others generated for the traveling salesman problem, TSP, and evaluated in terms of the task efficiency and performance. Finally, we discuss the effectiveness of the global path for the covering task.

Keyphrases: Covering task, path generation, reactive behavior, Swarm robotic systems

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