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AHP-Based Assessment of Developing Online Virtual Reality Services with Progressive Web Apps

EasyChair Preprint no. 9501

12 pagesDate: December 21, 2022


The study uses Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) technologies to construct online virtual reali-ty services and utilizes the Analytic Hierarchical Analysis method to evaluate the design and system implementation results. With the development of the metaverse concept, the design and application of online virtual reality services are required. By conducting litera-ture research, semi-structured interviews, and technical application analysis, this study first defines the requirements and framework for developing a prototype virtual reality system with PWAs technologies, following the quality function development analysis and develop-ing the prototype system accordingly. A questionnaire on the prototype system's integra-tion, usability, and cross-platform technology development was then used to evaluate pro-posed design elements from experts in digital content planning, design, and front-end and back-end engineering. Study findings revealed that cross-platform compatibility was a key feature when integrating PWAs with online virtual reality design, especially among experts from all fields. The results of this study can provide a reference for the development of online virtual reality immersive experiences with PWAs in the future. Further research can focus on collecting and analyzing digital footprints generated by users in progressive web technologies and improving the link between user experience and content in the future.

Keyphrases: Analytic Hierarchy Process, Cross-platform Technology Development, Progressive Web Apps, Quality Function Deployment, web-based virtual reality

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