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A Portable IoT Based Dipstick Type Engine Oil Level and Impurities Monitoring System Using RF Signals

EasyChair Preprint no. 8725

7 pagesDate: August 28, 2022


Engine oil and lubricating oil in internal combustion engines are exposed to varying strains depending on the operating conditions and the fuel quality therefore it is essential to maintain the quality of engine oil and Lubricating oil so as to minimize the friction within the Engine. On one hand the oil must be changed in time to avoid possible engine failures, on the other hand an unnecessary oil change should be avoided for environmental and economic reasons. Degradation of lubricant and engine oil impacts the performance of the machines such as gears, transmissions or automatisms where they are being used, and often the degradation of the lubricant properties is the cause of downtimes, dramatic failures and increases carbon footprint.  Periodic change of these oils is a basic part of the maintenance program of Engine servicing operation which is not an optimum method economically and qualitatively.

            Dielectric constant is important indicator of motor oil quality. The conductivity characteristics are relative to influence of impurities concentration, which have various origins. A Portable IoT based Dipstick Type Engine Oil Level and Impurities Monitoring System contains a circularly polarized antenna which is made up of a series of proposed PCM elements which is used to transmit and receive RF signals which detects the impurities present in the Engine oil. Quantity grading done by using two sets of LDR and light source in the developed dip stick. One set is situated at the bottom of the dip stick and other set is mounted 20 mm above the first detector set. Missing signal from bottom detector depicts the low level of oil present in reservoir. Therefore the quality and quantity of engine oil reports can be generated and transmit through a Wi-Fi module to any mobile application from which the users can make quick decisions.

Keyphrases: circularly polarised antenna, DIELCETRIC CONSTANT, Dipstick, Engine oil, IoT, LDR, quality grading, QUANTITY GRADING, RF signals, WiFi

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