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Consumer Behaviors on Certified Green Building - An Empirical Study of Vietnam

EasyChair Preprint no. 1219

15 pagesDate: June 20, 2019


Globally, green buildings (GBs) are receiving more and more attentions. GBs with its benefits has been recognized by many governments and promoted as a strategy for reaching Sustainable Development (SD). However, barriers of GBs, such as higher initial cost and lack of awareness, further indicate that proper strategies need to be devised for promoting the wider adoption of GBs in construction industry as well as buildings development. To date, there are limited empirical studies identifying the strategies for promoting GBs in developing countries, especially in Vietnam. This study aims to propose the suitable promoting strategies for GBs in Vietnam conditions by researching on consumer behaviors on certified green buildings. An empirical study conducted with 308 responses of Vietnamese people to figure out main factors that affects to consumer behaviors. The econometric analysis results confirmed the importance of income, environmental awareness, knowledge, personal benefits and trend to consumer behaviors. Then, by combining the results and reviewing comprehensive literature, a series of strategies will propose to promote green building in Vietnamese condition.

Keyphrases: consumer behaviors, Econometric Analysis, Green Buildings, Vietnam

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