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Conceptual Model for Component Selection: A Resaerch Review on Existing Techniques

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6 pagesDate: July 13, 2021


Nowadays, software developers pay more attention to component-related innovations with the implementation of software reuse, most of which have been used in the development of large-scale complex applications to improve software development efficiency and speed up time to market. The development of component-based software is well known as a technique that establishes the reusability of software and cost-effectively reduces development. In component-based software development, one of the main problems is how to choose a component. The principle reason for this paper is to give a reference highlight future exploration by ordering and arranging distinctive categories of component selection methods and accentuating their individual qualities and shortcomings. We have shown the reasonableness of utilizing using hybrid mechanism in component selection method lastly proposed conceptual approach for component selection which utilizes existing methodologies. We hope that it can help researches to locate the current status of this issue and fill in as a reason for future exercises.

Keyphrases: component retrieval, component selection, software component

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