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E-Commerce interfering with Privacy: Perceived Risks and Security issues with Techno-policy outcomes

EasyChair Preprint no. 2180

23 pagesDate: December 16, 2019


Privacy with the alignment to the individual’s prerogative harvests with the legal protection and socio-legal attributes that are majorly connected with the freedom and choice of life that needs to be unmingled without slightest external interferences or unwarranted observance. In the present paper, privacy risks are associated with the e-commerce platforms and by the time we attain an unfettered check over privacy violations or third-party control on these e-commerce entities, there should be a decisive movement prolonged towards securing the possible means to curb the privacy violations. It is very likely that the privacy could be subjective or context-driven which could be put in the words as “contextual integrity” and what information is shared (appropriateness) with reference to a context and how far the revelation of such consumer data is streamed (flow or distribution) in a context could be a defining line for privacy, especially when privacy seems to be intertwined with the transparency.

The paper also analyses the constructed term “Behavioural Mapping” that presents an approach over effect on customers when behavioral attributes collected by e-commerce are misused while also reaching towards the effect of customer response towards the e-business practices. 

Privacy-enhancing technologies, privacy seals, trust certificate and assurances have been suggested as the near possible solution to minimize privacy risk at e-commerce platforms, while also there has been a suggestive realm left open to encounter giant e-commerce houses to build safety mechanism apart from governmental regulation and support, while also making possible room for developing and accessing technological infrastructure for others in business for measuring and reducing the perceived privacy risk in e-business platforms.

Keyphrases: Banking, e-commerce, perceived risks, Privacy, Regulatory Issue, technological infrastructure

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