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Monitoring and Controlling Diabetes with Arduino Uno and Automatic Insulin Injection System.

EasyChair Preprint no. 9979

5 pagesDate: April 20, 2023


A device that is extremely beneficial for diabetic people is an automatic glucose detector and insulin injector. Diabetes is now seen as a lifestyle condition. Diabetes mellitus, generally known as diabetes, is a metabolic condition characterized by high blood sugar levels. (Blood sugar). When you consume a carbohydrate, your body converts it into the sugar glucose and releases it into your blood. In order to assist your cells, absorb glucose from your blood and utilize it as fuel, your pancreas releases the hormone insulin. Your body won't use insulin as it should if you don't get therapy for diabetes. The condition when too much glucose lingers in the blood is known as high blood sugar. This might lead to significant or enduring health problems; it could lead to serious or even potentially fatal health problems.

Based on the results of the blood test performed on a specific day, the doctor prescribes the quantity of insulin to be administered. The doctor's advised dose of insulin is larger than usual if the patient consumed more calories on that particular day. The amount of insulin the doctor ordered will lower the level of glucose in the blood if the patient eats less on some other days. It causes serious health issues. In this situation, the insulin injection quantity needs to be highly precise. The body will suffer from fluctuations in insulin release rate. We intend to create an automatic insulin detector to solve this issue. A blood sample is taken when the needle is introduced into the body tissue to measure the blood's amount of glucose. The gadget will inject the patient with the precise amount of insulin they require using previously recorded information about the blood glucose level. The preceding difficulty is thus resolved by the device. This system is designed to prevent high blood sugar levels. The machine gives a precise reading and administers the necessary dosage of insulin.

Keyphrases: Diabetics, Glucometer, glucose, insulin

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