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Discussion on Biomedical Image Acquisition and Processing

EasyChair Preprint no. 3531

10 pagesDate: June 1, 2020


The purpose of this article is to design an optical probe mechanism for capturing biomedical tissue images through an USB camera, and to develop an FPGA embedded image processing firmware for image cropping, rotation, sharpening, and stitching, especially, as to synchronize with the scanning probe mechanism. The FPGA embedded firmware then successively displays each built image after stitching several scanned images on a LCD screen.

Meanwhile, the research applied the 3D printing technology to prototype the probe mechanism assembly using a SolidWorks model for the probe mechanism and associated fixtures as well as servo motors. The optical fiber probe mechanism successfully accomplished the scanning motions as capturing images within extended regions.

The research develops the FPGA embedded firmware on a Linux OS platform and installs the codes on a DE10-Nano Kit FPGA development board. The prototyped optical probe mechanism verifies to scan extended areas and acquire multiple tissue images to effectively construct widened images after switching.

Keyphrases: FPGA, image processing, image stitching, optical fiber, scan

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