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Unveiling the potential of C-ITS: market research analysis

EasyChair Preprint no. 52

8 pagesDate: April 8, 2018


The ITS market is changing rapidly shaping the near future of a brand new world. This paper aims to provide an understanding of this ever-changing world, analysing  current markets, trends and initiatives which will eventually contribute in developing new business models and incentives in order to accelerate the ITS deployment in Europe.
The paper provides a general ITS market watch including an overview of the market and it identifies the current needs and trends of ITS solutions. In addition to this, the research is based on four case studies both in terms of market analysis and stakeholders’ analysis 

The results presented in this paper have received funding from the European Un-ion's H2020 programme under grant agreement n° 723974 (project acronym: NEWBITS)

Keyphrases: business models, C-ITS, market research

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