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InterPlanet Computer Networking: an Application of Stigmergic Intelligence for Enhancing Spacecrafts Capabilities in Information Networks

EasyChair Preprint no. 7048

8 pagesDate: November 14, 2021


The interplanet internet is a conceived computer network in space, consisting of a set of network nodes that can communicate with each other. These nodes are the planet’s orbiters (satellites) and landers (e.g. robots, autonomous machines, etc.) and the earth ground stations, and the data can be routed through Earth’s internal internet. In this paper, we propose an interplanetary internet system architecture to operate successfully and achieve good communication with other planets. We present Stigmergic distributed Intelligence implementation to solve complex routing problems in planetary information networks by exploiting the possibilities offered by stigmergic procedure. Stigmergic intelligence is considered as a disruptive force to improve the spacecraft resource efficiency through sensing and interacting with the environment.  This article presents an  information network based on the decision-making processes of ant colonies looking for food. When ants search for food, they modify their surroundings by leaving traces of pheromone, which may be reinforced and function as a type of path marker for when food has been found. This process is based on stigmergy, or the modification of the environment to implement distributed decision-making processes. The paper demonstrates a network that can be wholly operated by reproducing the stigmergic distributed intelligence both at the spacecraft level as well as at the router stage. This is highly significant in the field of interplanetary  technologies, within which decision processes are implemented into a networking routeways with a software code. As it is planetary based architecture outline, the results could not be tested due to unavailability of large scale wireless networks with satellite setup over long distances however, the proposed  implementation was tested with small number of nodes and the results are effective in addressing efficiency of resources in planetary communication.

Keyphrases: Adaptive and Spanning Tree Algorithm, InterPlanet Computer Networking, InterPlanet Internet, Stigmergic Distributed Intelligence

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