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Water Quality Analysis of Manimala River and Its GIS Modelling

EasyChair Preprint no. 3377

8 pagesDate: May 11, 2020


Water is the basic element of social and economic infrastructure and is essential for healthy society and sustainable development. Determination of water quality ensures the usability of water for various purposes. Water with good quality ensures safety for drinking and safeguards public health. Due to rapid increase in density of population, fast urbanisation, industrialisation and agricultural, use the demand of water is increasing day by a result, surface water level is decreasing, pollution and increased demand have made good quality water scarcer and more expensive. So monitoring of surface water quality has become indispensable. GIS not only facilitates data capture and processing but also serves as powerful tool that facilitates multimap integrations. In this project water quality analysis was carried out for Manimala River and samples are taken from 30 stations all around the district, Kottayam, Pathanathitta, Alappuzha and mapping done with GIS based water quality mapping.

Keyphrases: analysis, GIS, Manimala River, water quality

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