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An Experimental Investigation of Surface Roughness of FDM Build Parts by Chemical Misting

EasyChair Preprint no. 4920

7 pagesDate: January 22, 2021


Rapid Prototyping or additive manufacturing is a process of creating 3 dimensional objects by adding materials layer by layer. It is a modern manufacturing process of producing more complex shaped materials which might be difficult or impossible in traditional machining processes. This technique has application in all fields of life and many tools artefacts circuit boards etc. have been produced by this process. It also produces new bones to be replaced by older ones. In this treatise an experiment has been conducted to determine the surface roughness before and after chemical treatment thereby comparing both values. Design of Experiments was conducted in Minitab by Taguchi analysis and six parameters, three-part building parameters Raster Angle, Raster Width, Air Gap, and three-part smoothing parameters Temperature, Time, Cycle have been found out. Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)has been carried out to determine the relationship of each parameter along with regression equation. Also surface plots have been drawn to examine the effect of parameters on surface roughness.

Keyphrases: ANOVA, layer-by-layer, Rapid Prototyping

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