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Research on AHP-EW Based Comprehensive Capacity Evaluation of Electricity Selling Companies

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5 pagesDate: October 12, 2023


The reform of the electric power system makes a large number of power selling companies enter the electric power market, and the increase of the number of power selling entities also increases the market competition. Therefore, only by improving their comprehensive capacity can power selling companies develop in the changing electric power market in the long run. Therefore, this paper first constructs the comprehensive capacity evaluation index system of power selling companies, then uses the combination weighting method combining the analytic hierarchy process and entropy weight method to calculate the weight of the evaluation index, and finally uses the data of ten power selling companies for example analysis, combines expert scoring and index weight to calculate the comprehensive score of power selling companies and puts forward suggestions for the long-term development of power selling companies.

Keyphrases: Analytic Hierarchy Process, comprehensive capability evaluation, entropy weight method, Power Sales Company

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