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Smart Water Management using IoT Technology

EasyChair Preprint no. 7892

5 pagesDate: May 2, 2022


Water is one of the most prodigious factors of life. From providing nutrients to the human body to its use in daily tasks, water plays a major role in life. Due to this, water needs to be saved and used wisely. In the present day and age, where Internet of Things (IoT) is playing a huge role in every sector, a Smart Water Management System is one of the best options to ensure efficiency and sustainable use of water. An IoT-based system will provide transparency to the process in the system, will allow real-time monitoring and the ability to detect problems immediately. It will also automate the system which will reduce human errors. Using these factors to its advantage, this paper describes the work carried out on a design of a Smart Water Management System which aims to provide facilities to monitor and manage water under one roof. It allows real-time monitoring of water usage, water purity, and level of water in the tank. This information also allows one to detect any problems in the water supply like leakage in the pipes or impurities. The system was successfully implemented and the data was displayed on a user interface.

Keyphrases: communication, Internet of Things, sensor systems, smart living, Wireless

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