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Integrated Configuration management based on System Engineering

EasyChair Preprint no. 2449

13 pagesDate: January 23, 2020


The design and manufacturing process of an aircraft is a huge and complex SE-System Engineering, it involving a large group of specialized expertise. In the aviation design and manufacturing company(units), the production mode of small batch and multi modified production mode has become a trend. Following the System Engineering Approach and based on System Engineering Thought, it has become a consensus to establish an integrated configuration management model of multi-specialty collaboration. In this paper, configuration management is examined from the perspective of system engineering, the engineering domain involved in aircraft products is divided into many specialized fields, and according to the professional characteristics of the merger into the order-cluster, requirement-cluster, design-cluster, manufacture-cluster, repair-cluster, finance-cluster, manpower-cluster, supply-cluster, airworthiness-cluster etc, for these clusters of unified configuration management system called "Configuration management based on system engineering". Need is a macro perspective to control product requirements, product design, product manufacturing, supply chain, trial inspection, maintenance, human property supply and a series of processes. The management of multi professional coupling data based on system engineering can be realized by integrated configuration management, Improve data consistency to remove barriers between and within the enterprise. Build a new type of enterprise configuration control model for customer requirement integration, rapid development and manufacturing. For this paper attempts to propose a novel system engineering configuration matrix, which provides a new idea for the deepening application of system engineering.

Keyphrases: Configuration Management, Configuration matrix of system engineering, System Engineering

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