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Quantum Generators: Designing Simulator Assisted Algorithms to Aid in Multi-Step Cell Synthesis for On-Demand Crops

EasyChair Preprint no. 9371

17 pagesDate: November 26, 2022


Quantum Generators is a means of achieving mass food production with short production cycles and when and where required by means of machines rather than land based farming which has serious limitations. The process for agricultural practices for plant growth in different stages is simulated in a machine with a capacity to produce multiple seeds from one seed input using computational models of multiplication (generating multiple copies of kernel in repetition). Biological systems contain complex metabolic pathways with many synergies that make them difficult to predict from first principles and Protein synthesis is an example of such a pathway. Here we show how protein synthesis may be improved through a design of simulator for automated synthesizer with a series of iterated high-throughput experiments guided by a machine-learning algorithm implementing a form of optimization of experiments. The algorithm predicts fruitful experiments from statistical models of the previous experimental results, combined with stochastic exploration of the experimental space and with synthesis abstraction in-built into the experimental space. The desired experimental response, or optimized fitness, was defined as the yield of the target product, and new experimental conditions were synergistically combined with automation in CellSynputer (where the unit level computer creates low-level instructions for the hardware taking interface representation of the platform and abstraction representing cell synthesis ) and discovered to have improved yield when graphically interpreted. In this way, it is possible to script and run desired synthesis for assessing outcome for multiple crop tissues simultaneously. Although the platform model given us a method of automating cellular assemblies in an intelligent framework embodied in multi-unit system however, this need to be tested using natural crop cells and it could be promising for us in achieving quantum generation.

Keyphrases: Algorithmic Cell Synthesis, CellSynputer, neural networks, Quantum Generators, Synthesis Simulator

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