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FLUEnT: Financial Language Understandability Enhancement Toolkit

EasyChair Preprint no. 9281, version 1

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5 pagesDate: November 8, 2022


Over the years, promising returns have enticed the masses to invest in the stock markets. However, most people do not have the financial knowledge needed for making investment decisions. Even seasoned investors find it difficult to grasp all the available information. This is primarily due to the ever-changing market dynamics and information overload. Natural Language Processing based automated systems are the rescue to such problems. In this paper, we present the Financial Language Understandability Enhancement Toolkit (FLUEnT) for processing financial text. It consists of eight different tools for tasks like hypernym detection, numeral claim analysis, readability assessment, sustainability assessment, etc. The objective of the toolkit is to empower the masses and enable investors in making data-driven decisions. It is open-source under MIT license and is openly accessible from Colab ( ) and HuggingFace spaces ( ).

Keyphrases: financial text processing, Natural Language Processing, toolkit

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