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A Review on Effect of the Positioning of Shear Wall for Earthquake Resistance Multi-Story Building

EasyChair Preprint no. 7652

16 pagesDate: March 29, 2022


Earthquake is one of the major natural disasters in the world. It considered that. The damage caused due to the collapse of buildings during the earthquake is huge. The main reason for this calamity is the extirpation of manmade structures. The structure's lack of lateral rigidity is the first reason for its destruction during an earthquake .multi-story buildings need a seismic motion for their stability. Some endeavors have been done for finding the best method to make multi-story buildings strong and stable against earthquake forces. Provision of shear wall is one of the main options to provide diaphragm, which provides lateral strength for high-rise and multi-story structures. Shear walls have proper characteristics such as stiffness and strength, which can support building to resist high lateral and vertical loads. This paper aimed to find out the optimum positioning of the shear wall in a multi-story building on the sloped ground. A reinforced concrete (RC) framed building of (G+5) story on sloping area subjected to earthquake loading in zone V is considered. The analyses and design comparison is carried out using STAAD Pro structural design software. Different cases of the shear wall at various locations of the considered building have been analyzed.

Keyphrases: dynamic analysis, Lateral Story Stiffness, Response spectrum analysis, Shear wall, STAAD Pro, Story drift

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