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Exploring the Perceived Usefulness and Attitude Towards using Tesys e-Learning Platform

EasyChair Preprint no. 534

10 pagesDate: September 27, 2018


In this paper we present a study that aims exploring two components of the Technology Acceptance Model. As evaluation envi- ronment, we used Tesys e-Learning platform, for data processing R pro- gramming language and for data collection Google Forms. The study indented to explore if there are signicant dierences between genders regarding the perceived usefulness and attitude towards evaluation us- ing online educational environments. The questionnaire that explored the above-mentioned components was administrated to a group of stu- dents enrolled in full time education which never used e-Learning plat- forms. The results showed that the questionnaire was reliable and there is no cross-gender dierence regarding students perceived usefulness of e-Learning platforms and their attitude towards using them. The overall feedback gathered from each of the explored items is positive with an above fourth grade on a one to ve Likert scale.

Keyphrases: data analysis, e-learning, HCI, Interface evaluation

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