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Pragmatics in (non-)typical handers: in search for evidence of reversed localization

EasyChair Preprint no. 6482

3 pagesDate: August 30, 2021


Pragmatic abilities refer to the set of skills including holding an appropriate conversation in a given context, and correct usage of non-literal and figurative expressions (e.g., idioms and humor) and non-verbal communication means (e.g., gestures and proxemics). The aim of the present study is to explore the brain substrates of the pragmatic abilities in people with typical and non-typical handedness by researching the effects of RH lesions on pragmatics in these two groups. 

A case-series approach is used. Two were left-handed people, and three right-handed people participated in the study. All participants were tested with the Russian Aphasia Test to evaluate the presence of the language deficit, and with the Test for the Assessment of Pragmatic Abilities and Cognitive Substrates . All participants underwent a standard clinical structural MRI.

None of the participants demonstrated language impairment. At the same time, left-handed participants scored below cutoff on APACS meaning that pragmatic abilities were impaired. No pragmatic deficits were revealed in the right-handers. However, by coincidence, all the left-handed participants had a cortical lesion, and all the right-handed participants had a lesion restricted to the subcortical structures. 

So far, our results are consistent with existing literature to the extent that an RH cortical lesion causes pragmatic deficits. At this stage, we were not able to establish the effects of typical and non-typical handedness due to the lesion distribution in our patient cohort. More data are being collected to ensure an appropriate comparison between the two groups.

Keyphrases: language disorders, non-typical handedness, pragmatics, Russian

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