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Calculation of Human Productivity

EasyChair Preprint no. 2537

3 pagesDate: February 4, 2020


Smartphones nowadays have become indispensable personal gadgets to support our activities in almost every aspect of our life. Because of technological advancements, many mobile apps have been created and used, thanks to a wide range usage, data logs are generated and ambience context is recorded forming a rich data source of smartphone user’s behaviour. To help enhance their personal productivity, by providing effective feedback and recommendation, we’re deploying a self-monitoring system that captures not only their mobile app usage but also their personal computer’s usage patterns and derives the productivity. We will be building a web app and an android application which will be synchronized and the results will be displayed on both the devices. Synchronization will enable seamless operation on both mobile and PC. Hence, the system has been designed keeping in mind its various usage scenarios and the relevant parameters have been handled by different components to provide an efficient solution to the defined problem.

Keyphrases: archiving, Data Analytics, Data Mining, database, fitness, Health, mental health, patterns, physical activity, Productivity, Python, Smartphones, statistics, synchronization, Tracking, visualization, Wearables

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