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Revolutionizing Wireless Connectivity with Cross-Band Metasurfaces

EasyChair Preprint no. 10390

2 pagesDate: June 14, 2023


Current network technology encounters difficulties in establishing seamless indoor connections, particularly in higher frequency bands such as Wi-Fi 5GHz and mmWave, which suffer from severe signal attenuation caused by inevitable occlusions. To surmount this challenge, tunable metasurfaces emerge as a promising solution by redirecting incoming waves to circumvent obstacles. However, the absence of a theoretical framework hinders the design of metasurfaces that can effectively operate across multiple frequency bands. This work attempts to provide a general method for cross-band metasurface design, extend wireless link coverage by using a new metasurface prototype called CrossFlit, which can maximize the link quality with efficient aperture usage and low cost. our proof of concept implementation is for Wi-Fi 5 GHz and mmWave bands. The empirical evaluation demonstrates that CrossFlit can enhance widely used mmWave and Wi-Fi links simultaneously.

Keyphrases: cross-band, Metasurface, Seamless, Wireless

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