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Natural Language Processing: Current Trend and Challenges

EasyChair Preprint no. 10148

11 pagesDate: May 13, 2023


Recently, Natural Language Processing has gained very high public attention for being able to mathematically analyze human lingual things. It comes with diverse range of ways to be used, which includes translation of machine language, fake emails detection, extraction of information and summarization, as well as in medical field. The article divides its discussion into four parts, which begins with discussing about different NLP levels and NLG components, followed by a presentation of the background and development of NLP, the phenomenon of art, a list of the numerous NLP applicabilities, and current scenarios and difficulties. NLP which is also known as "computational linguistics," employs both syntax and semantics to assist computers in comprehending human speech and writing and in making sense of what they say. Combining the power of computer programming and artificial intelligence, this field has a grasp so strong that programs can even reasonably accurately translate between languages. This field likewise incorporates voice acknowledgment, the capacity of a PC to comprehend what you say alright to properly answer.

Keyphrases: algorithm, Anthropomorphic, Artificial Intelligence, neural network, semantics, syntax

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