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Formative Assessment a Research Based on a Teachers’ Training Course in a Blearning Environment

EasyChair Preprint no. 4286

6 pagesDate: September 28, 2020


In this article we present a research project whose results are the outcome of a teachers’ training course, for the practice of formative assessment, with the use of digital tools, applied to students from the third cycle, of basic education, to secondary education. Our key question, "How is formative assessment put into practice in the classroom of the teachers involved in our training workshop?", stemmed from the following core objectives: understanding if teachers integrate the technological dimension into the design of their students’ assessment and perceiving the sort of digital tools they use to promote teaching and the regulation of the students’ learning. The focus of our training course, developed as a workshop, was to understand how the teachers' practices had changed after attending the course. The study was developed as a qualitative and interpretive research and the teachers’ training plan was elaborated in an action-research methodology. The collected data was triangulated from multiple sources in order to capture the complex and multi-faceted aspects of the pedagogical work. The results offered evidence of the potentialities and constraints of the students’ formative assessment, grounded on digital learning platforms, and the ways teachers incorporate certain digital tools into their practices.

Keyphrases: digital assessment, formative assessment, teacher training

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