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Advanced Training of Pedagogical Staff as a Tool Development of the Educational Space of the City of Moscow

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5 pagesDate: October 24, 2020


The actual problem of modern pedagogical science is the development of professional
competence of a teacher. The new conditions for the development of society and the
implementation of the activities of educational organizations, particularly higher education
institutions, show the need to study the organization of professional development courses in
The organization of educational space in a higher education institution requires not only
logistical equipment of the educational process, but also the development of information
competence of teachers. The modern teacher is a part of the digital educational space for the
solution of problems, both education and education of students. Corporate courses for
advanced training of teachers of higher education are able today to provide the educational
process with trained personnel for work in the modern digital educational space of Moscow.
The development of the organization, structure and content of professional development
courses is based on the research of domestic teachers, which proves the need to increase
teachers' motivation for self-development and search for new forms of education of students.
The modern educational space is based on digital technologies that all teachers of different
levels of education should possess. For this purpose integration of efforts of experts in the
field of IT-technologies and teachers of higher school is necessary.

Keyphrases: electronic educational, information technologies, IT-technologies educational space, professional development courses, resources, teachers of higher educational institutions

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