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A Study of Perceived Sensemaking and Uncertainty When Using Sense Map

EasyChair Preprint no. 1041

14 pagesDate: May 27, 2019


This paper describes a research proposal to study and measure sense-making processes in ambiguous situations with the support of information systems. It performs the design of a sense-making tool to be blended with an IR information retrieval system to achieve a sensemaking task. This intended user study aims to understand how users use this Sense Map (SM) tool to build and organise their conceptual models of a network of concepts and relationships. This study is to cover the scope to develop, examine, and refine a sensemaking model that is built upon previous sensemaking research, learning theories, cognitive psychology, and task-based information seeking and use. The main aim is to understand the complex process of sensemaking, and it focused on the activities, conceptual changes, and cognitive mechanisms used during users sensemaking process for a task or activity, browsed during web-search.

Keyphrases: aloud protocol, cognitive task, Dataframe model, external representation, information task, knowledge map, sense making process, sense map, sensemaking, SenseMap, Task based information, uncertainty, web search

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