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Cloud Data Security: Advanced Cryptography Algorithms

EasyChair Preprint no. 10784

6 pagesDate: August 27, 2023


As enterprises increasingly store and handle sensitive data on the cloud, cloud data security is a major problem. Advanced cryptography techniques help secure this critical data. This abstract discusses how sophisticated encryption methods protect cloud data. Cloud services are in significant demand, necessitating better data security. It stresses cloud risks such data interception, illegal access, and insider attacks. Advanced encryption techniques protect sensitive data. The abstract then describes sophisticated encryption techniques' data secrecy, integrity, and authenticity. Symmetric and asymmetric encryption schemes are examined for cloud data security at rest and in transit. The abstract emphasizes key management in cryptography techniques to protect encrypted data. Key creation, distribution, storage, and revocation are examined, emphasizing their importance in protecting cloud-stored data. In cloud computing, cryptography techniques must be scalable and efficient. It discusses homomorphic encryption, secure multi-party computing, and zero-knowledge proofs, which allow safe computation and data processing while protecting privacy. The abstract also recognizes cryptography algorithm innovation to combat new threats. It discusses post-quantum cryptography strategies to protect present encryption methods against quantum computer advances. Advanced cryptography methods are crucial to cloud data security. These algorithms underpin safe cloud computing with secrecy, integrity, authenticity, and scalability. As cloud use rises, enterprises must prioritize powerful encryption algorithms to secure sensitive data and defend against new cyber threats.

Keyphrases: Advanced cryptography techniques, Cloud Computing, ECC, FHE, GDPR, MPC, PHE

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