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Information Technology Strategy: a Case for Data Governance

EasyChair Preprint no. 8120

5 pagesDate: May 29, 2022


In recognition of the challenges imposed on organizations relating to the handling and processing of voluminous data or big data in this digital age, this paper argues and makes a case for data governance in the context of information technology strategy. It starts by giving an overview of the current organizational climate, which, owing to advances in technology, is flooded with information that organizations must process and derive value from. After defining data governance, it proceeds to argue why this concept is essential for the survival and success of organizations. From gaining a competitive advantage to obtaining various management capabilities, various merits of data governance are presented and supported by pertinent literature. Some strategies to help in the same breath are also highlighted, among them the provision of structured organizational insight, ensuring effective strategic communication, ensuring regulatory compliance, and obtaining the buy-in of various stakeholders. Overall, the paper presents a concrete case in support of the adoption and implementation of effective data governance, otherwise without which organizations face the risk of collapsing.

Keyphrases: Data Governance, Data Governance Strategy, data management, Decision Support Systems

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