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Forced Convection Heat Transfer with Convex Dimples and Cross Flow Jet

EasyChair Preprint no. 6116

6 pagesDate: July 20, 2021


In the present study, heat transfer from a small rectangular channel with convex dimpled surface due to turbulent jet impinging form a nozzle normal to the main flow has been investigated. Numerical simulations were performed using finite volume method with SST k-w turbulence model. The duct and nozzle Reynolds number are varied in the range 10000 to 50000 and 6000 to 12000, respectively. The heat transfer enhancements with and without cross-flow effects have also been compared. It has been shown that the heat transfer rate with cross-flow is found to be much higher than that without cross-flow. Also, the effect of dimples on the heated surface on heat transfer was investigated. The heat transfer is found to be more in the presence of dimpled surface than a plane surface.

Keyphrases: convex dimpled surface, cross-flow, Heat transfer enhancement, Jet impingement, SST k-w model

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