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Determinants of Disability Status in a Vulnerable Population - the Elderly of Indonesia.

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12 pagesDate: September 16, 2022


The elderly constitute a vulnerable population, particularly in a disaster situation where they face much greater risks. The vulnerability of the elderly to disaster increases with disability as it undermines their ability to prepare, respond to and recover from disaster impacts. Hence, their protection needs to be prioritised during an emergency response to disasters as stipulated in Law 24 of 2007 of the Republic of Indonesia. In order to implement Disaster Risk Reduction programs more efficiently, it is vital to have a well-functioning database on the elderly with disabilities. Such databases are still lacking in Indonesia, and those that exist are not well organised or not widely usable due to differences in concepts between different agencies. This gap can be filled by using functional impairment data collected at National Socio-economic Surveys (SUSENAS). Utilizing the 2021 SUSENAS data, this study aims to: (i) estimate the prevalence and distribution of the elderly with disabilities, and (ii) identify the determinants of disability among the elderly by using binary logistic regression. The results show that the national prevalence of disability among the elderly is 39.47%. South Sulawesi, Gorontalo, and North Maluku are the three provinces with the highest prevalence of disability among the elderly. There are 13 provinces that have both high prevalence of disability among the elderly and high levels of disaster risk. Residence, region, age, gender, marital status, living arrangement and health complaints have a statistically significant influence on the likelihood of the elderly being disabled.

Keywords: Vulnerability, Elderly, Disability, Binary Logistic Regression

Keyphrases: Binary Logistic Regression, Determinants, Elderly, Indonesia, Vulnerability

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