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Student Career Management and Built Employability Capacity:Exploring the Role of Student Relationship Management

EasyChair Preprint no. 10917

16 pagesDate: September 18, 2023


The current study responds to the call by extant literature, on the need for universities to establish improved practises that can enhance graduate transition to the labour market. So far, most employability studies in the global south are descriptive and have focused mainly on the curriculum taught in various universities, its inadequacies, and the need for policy transformation towards higher education. Few other studies have called for set up of development centres, guidance and counselling offices or even career offices to better build students employability capacity. And where career offices are set up, there are still arguments concerning low quality and unavailability in universities. Considering the case of nascent and yet-to-be developed career offices, the question of service design that fits into actor career needs is of concern. This study sought to address this problem using concepts of student career management, customer (student) relationship management and employability capacity building. Qualitative approach involving focus group discussion was used in data collection. Out of four practises established, self-career management and basic communication resonate with existing student career management practises for employability capacity building. The study recommends ways in which student relationship management can be embedded in student career management by universities

Keyphrases: capacity building, Employability, social media, student career management, Student Relationship Management

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