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Modelling and Simulation Analysis on Compression Behaviour of PLA 2D Lattices Fabricated by Fused Deposition Modelling

EasyChair Preprint no. 13076

18 pagesDate: April 24, 2024


In this project work, The advent of additive manufacturing processes and lattice structures has been of increasing interest to engineering applications involving light-weighting and energy absorption applications. Mechanical response of three dimensional printed PLA 2D - lattice structures under compression is going to be investigate through experimental and numerical simulation analysis. Six different 2D lattice structures namely, square grid, honeycomb, and Isogrid along with their rotated counterparts were fabricated using (PLA) Poly-lactic acid and experimentally evaluated under uni -axial compression test. Simulations studies on PLA 2D-lattices under large compressive strains are rarely performed. Finite element models are accounting for structure orientation induced an anisotropic mechanical properties and geometrical imperfections are going to be developed to predict the stress–strain characteristics. The stress–strain curves are going to be generated to predict from the numerical simulations. The simulated results are going to be compared with experimental results that have good agreement with the experimental results for various lattice geometries. The outcome of project reveals that, the energy absorption characteristics of designed lattices which exhibit superior energy absorption capability for packing applications.

Keyphrases: Additive Manufacturing, compression test, Energy absorption, numerical simulation, Polylactic acid

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