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Study of Oum-Azza Landfill Leachates and Their Pollution of the Bouregreg River, Rabat - Morocco

EasyChair Preprint no. 3680

12 pagesDate: June 27, 2020


In Moroccan cities, the problem of solid household waste has arisen with great sharpness in recent two decades. In particular, the management of leachates and the neutralization of their environmental impacts. The need for Morocco to meet the environmental challenge and put itself in a logic of sustainable development has led to an awareness of this issue and the promulgation of the new law 28-00 on waste management and their elimination.

The objective of the present study is the characterization of the organic and mineral load of leachate from the Oum Azza landfill and the evaluation of its environmental impacts on the basin of Bouregreg river of Rabat. For this a campaign of 24 samples was undertaken in 2011 and completed in 2014-2017.

 The physicochemical characterization of leachates has revealed that these liquid discharges are:

  • very high in organic matter with mean MES = 470mg / L; Average BOD5 = 5522 mg of O2 / L and COD = 12626 mg / L;
  • very charged in mineral matter expressed in terms of electrical Conductivity (mean = 33969 μs / cm);
  • have an average temperature of 24.5 °C and a pH of 8;
  • a chloride concentration of 4289 mg / L;
  • average sodium levels in the order of 3049 mg / L;
  • average total nitrogen levels of 4090 mg / L and ammonia in the order of 3207 mg / L;
  • average level of phosphates of the order of 35 mg / L;
  • average sulphates levels of 35 mg / L.

The Rabat landfill represents a real nuisance for health and the environment because of the toxic characteristics of pollutants and bad odors. It is therefore essential to treat these liquid discharges and install a WWTP to mitigate the environmental impact of leachate.

Keyphrases: leachates, Morocco, Oum Azza discharge, physicochemistry, pollution, Rabat, river

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