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The Development of Supply Chain Strategies in Post-Covid-19 Pandemic: the New Mindset for Flexibility and Resilience

EasyChair Preprint no. 11770

7 pagesDate: January 14, 2024


Covid-19 brought bitter lessons as it revealed the fragility of the global supply chain (SC). The traditional mindset prioritizing profit and efficiency, illustrated by centralized SC, just-in-time, and single-sourcing strategies once dominated for reducing cost and enhancing competitiveness, has become a hindrance factor for global SC recovery. It is unlikely for global SC to resume its pre-Covid-19 status if these strategies remain. In addition, the traditional mindset also procrastinates SC 4.0 transition, which is highlighted by increasing visibility and transparency. Thus, a new mindset needs adopting when developing new SC strategies.

Purpose – The paper presents a discussion about the new mindset for the SC strategies transition after Covid-19 as well as propose some research directions thereof.

Methodology – Some theoretical insights were provided based on literature related to supply chain management (SCM). A discussion concerning new SC strategies after Covid-19 is developed as well.

Findings – The discussion, herein, shows the new mindset prioritizing resilience and flexibility is required to develop global SC against unexpected events. Then, the SC strategies transition is suggested and aligned with the new mindset. Then, some research questions are proposed to further address this subject.

Contribution – This paper provides timely insights for practitioners to imply further research deployments and practical applications to validate the propositions herein presented. Researchers can also gain strategic insights and directions about SCM after Covid-19.

Originality/value – This paper will fully explore the relationship between the SC strategies transition with the new mindset prioritizing resilience and flexibility. It also significantly contributes to SC development after Covid-19.

Keyphrases: flexibility, New Supply chain strategies, Post COVID-19., Resilience, Supply Chain Management

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