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About new aspects of the development of the market of mini apartments in Ukraine

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6 pagesDate: March 15, 2020


The article discusses the issues of a new segment of the real estate market in urban development projects. The definition of a mini apartment (living room) is given. The authors analyzed the global market for mini apartments. The authors investigated the issues of residence of various social groups in mini apartments. The classification of mini apartments has been developed. The factors significantly affecting the cost of a mini-apartment are investigated. Conclusions are drawn about the mini apartment market in urban development. The history of the development of mini-apartments (smart apartments) begins in the 20s of the 20th century. During this period, the reconstruction of industrial buildings began in New York. Mini apartments are currently located in every country in Europe. The analysis of the value of real estate. The cost per m2 of a standard apartment is approximately equal to the cost per m2 in a mini apartment. In addition, the cost of renting a mini apartment is much higher. The Ukrainian mini apartment market is developing in its own way. The mini apartment in Ukraine is called "Gostinka". Market research on mini-apartments reflects changes in the development of the entire urban infrastructure. The market for mini apartments affects the real estate market in the region. The distinctive characteristics of mini apartments in different regions are based on their classification. The market of mini-apartments in different regions is analyzed. The authors built a GIS map. GIS analysis shows the dependence of the cost of mini apartments on the region of Ukraine. The calculation of the profitability of mini apartments was carried out using the method of market extraction (market selection). Using the market extraction method (market sampling), the income from mini apartments was calculated. Cost-benefit analysis reveals new aspects of the mini apartment market for urban development in any region.

Keyphrases: GIS analysis, smart apartments, the classification of mini apartments, the income, the method of market extraction, the mini apartment, the rental price, urban development, urban development projects, urban infrastructure

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