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Education of Engineers – the Requiring of Pedagogy Development

EasyChair Preprint no. 232

4 pagesDate: June 6, 2018


This paper intends to show a project developed by the organization that has been implemented in an engineering school of a private university, resulted by a large experience designing and implementing pedagogical projects developed in order to make teaching learning process more efficient for engineering schools. In this Century technology has reached such a sophisticated level, which people are immersed and that is let’s say the ignorance of many and the knowledge of few. Although Communications are more and more efficient working as an element of integration and off boundaries, the new technological scenario has brought also some not very good consequences such as jobless. It is due to the level of complexity that a job now has, in other, words it is because of this characteristic that makes working environment more demanding. So it is necessary to create and foster approaches that align with this reality and support young professionals in the 21st era.

Keyphrases: complexity, engineering education, engineering program, Engineering School, high education, higher education, learning process, pedagogical aspects, Problem Solver, Problem solvers, teaching and learning, work market demands

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