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Various Methods to Prepare and Synthesis Cathode Active Material (NMC) of Lithium Ion Batteries

EasyChair Preprint no. 5790

4 pagesDate: June 15, 2021


Due to NMC cathode active material of lithium ion batteries have promising advantage, like hiegh capacity, thermal stability, safety, and low cost, the researcher exert much effort to discover and find excellent method to prepare and produce better product of NMC.As we find in the literature there are many method synthesis such as, solid-state method, sol-gel method, and co-appreciation method, etc. and any method have economic, electrochemical, structural, safety, and energy density features, so we collect a number of method of preparation and synthesis to provide, researchers, and developer by many thinking to inspire a suitable method which combine many features of the different method and we also give to commercial company many method to makethem build their manufacturing system of production of NMC cathode active material.

Keyphrases: Lithium-ion batteries, NMC Cathode Materials, preparation, Synthisis

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