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Analysis of Kuramoto Models for AC Microgrids Based on Droop Control

EasyChair Preprint no. 9332

5 pagesDate: November 17, 2022


As a typical nonlinear coupled system, microgrid has nonlinear coupling relationships between generations and distributions which cannot be ignored. In this paper, the problem of power balance between distributed generators and loads is transformed into the motion synchronization problem of multiple Kuramoto coupled oscillators. And this paper proposes to model an islanded microgrid by using a second-order Kuramoto model. By exploiting the model, our key sight is to address the transient stability problem and find a trapping region expressed explicitly in the parameters. Finally, the similarity between transient stability of islanded microgrid and frequency synchronization of Kuramoto coupled oscillators is analyzed, and the validity of microgrid Kuramoto models is verified based on the 3-generator 5-node islanded microgrid MATLAB/ Simulink simulation platform.

Keyphrases: droop control, Kuramoto model, Microgrid, the trapping region, transient stability

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