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Application of Smart Wristband to Monitor Exercise Intensity and Safety in Physical Education

EasyChair Preprint no. 936

3 pagesDate: April 28, 2019


In order to monitor the students’quantity and intensity of exercise in real time in physical education, a smart wristband was developed to measure the heart rate and physical activity simultaneously. Method: 188 Chinese secondary school students (101 males and 87 females) were tested in the real-time with wristbands in physical education class. Result: the average heart rate was 125.5 beats/min for boys and 122.2 beats /min for girls; the average HRmaxwas 178.6 beats/min for boys and 171.4 beats/min for girls, which were kept in the safe range. The average exercise time was 56.3%, the average exercise load was 65.6%, and the total physical activity CPM (counts per minute) was 389.3. Conclusions: smart wristband can not only accurately measure physical activity, exercise load and heart rate of students in physical education courses, but also evaluate physical education and control exercise intensity. Moreover, it can warn individual students whose heart rate is out of safe range to make sure the safety during exercise.

Keyphrases: Exercise heart rate, physical activity, physical education, smart wristband

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