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Comparative Study of BC Mix for NMAS 19.00mm, 13.20mm and 9.50mm Using VG-30Bitumen

EasyChair Preprint no. 6427

5 pagesDate: August 27, 2021


In past few years reviews were made in design practices of bituminous mixes at various levels. Bituminous mix composes of binder, filler and aggregateswhichplays an important role in the performance of the pavement system. Bituminous mixes used in India for different courses have different terminologies, proportion and properties of material, and gradation of aggregates. Aggregate confirms a major part of bituminous mix and the properties, size and type of aggregate have considerable effect on performance of mix. Past researches witnessed the effect of aggregate gradation on performance of mix like rutting and other Marshall parameters. In present work efforts will be made to assess the effect of nominal maximum aggregate size (NMAS) on stability and flow value of bituminous concrete (BC) mixwith VG-30 grade bitumen by changing the gradation. The present study will focus on the comparison of the Marshall parameters by changing the aggregate gradation. The three-selected gradation having NMAS of 19.00mm, 13.20mm and 9.50mm will be used with VG-30 grade of binder for preparing BC mix. Bituminous Mix design for Bituminous Concrete BC needs to be done for the study of stability and flow value.

Keyphrases: Bituminous concrete mix, Gradation, NMAS, Particle size distribution, Permeability

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