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Online Pizza Delivery Web Application

EasyChair Preprint no. 7258

5 pagesDate: December 23, 2021


Food Industry has always been a profitable industry not only for manufacturers, suppliers, but also for the users, distributers. The online food delivery system is the need of hour because of the recent changes in the industry and the increasing use of the internet. E-commerce refers to the purchase and sale of goods and/or services via Internet Hero Pizza is a part of ecommerce. HERO PIZZA is a website designed primarily for use in the food delivery industry. Through these services restaurants can sell and distribute their resources at minimal resource usage effectively with high profits by gaining the customer trust. This Online food order system database will be helpful for the business owners to extend their business just by placing the orders online and not visiting the restaurant. There is no confinement for placing and receiving the orders, since the order can be placed online. There will be no waiting time with the vast amount of verities at the comfortable prices. To develop this application database is the main part which will communicate through the application to retrieve the details. We will be creating the Online food ordering database with MONGODB as a platform. Database includes Customers can place their orders from different pizza and restaurant staff will process the orders and deliver the requested order.

Keyphrases: MongoDB, order, registration

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