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Regulating Greenhouse Environment for Growing Multiple Crops

EasyChair Preprint no. 9906

8 pagesDate: March 31, 2023


In present world scenarios where the world population is being increased in leaps and bounds, we need to find proper agriculture methods which can give good harvest and also the quality of crops which are being produced must be good. Greenhouse farming is one such methodology where we will be growing plants in a closed environment. Greenhouse farming has some requirements like continuous monitoring of the environment variables like temperature, light intensity, humidity content monitoring and many more. An IOT based controlling system can be used to do all the prescribed tasks and therefore by monitoring all those environmental variables we can get good harvest. It is an Arduino based controlling system which makes use of different types of sensors like temperature sensor, humidity sensor, Carbon Dioxide sensor, light intensity sensors. We can also view the condition of planted crop using a web application. When the condition of plant is found to be unstable, respective greenhouse user will get a notification indicating that plant needs some more care. While the traditional methods support monitoring a single crop, our system can be used to monitor multiple crops. Cultivating multiple crops can be very beneficial in terms of both money and time. Hence our system can be a helping aid for all the farmers and in turn harvest rate increases which can improve food production rate.

Keyphrases: Arduino, Controlling, Greenhouse, IoT, Micro-controllers, monitoring, oxygen level, Sensors, Sustainable Farming, ventilation

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