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Use of geoinformation systems in environmental monitoring

EasyChair Preprint no. 2965

6 pagesDate: March 15, 2020


The purpose of the Research Article, the materials of which are outlined in this article, is to uncover current trends in the development of environmental monitoring and the tracking of anthropogenic environmental impacts. To achieve this goal, it is proposed to use geoinformation systems to perform environmental monitoring and control, using appropriate software. For this purpose ArcGis software was used which allows monitoring the state of the atmosphere, its pollution and other deviations from the norm. The research was conducted exemplified by nine districts of Kharkiv. As a result of computer geospatial analysis, models and maps of urban pollution have been developed. In general, the intellectual analysis of geostatic models of emission distribution in the city allowed identifying and classifying zones of high concentrations of pollution and comparing them with air quality data. Methods of geostatistics transformed the data from a discrete to a continuous form of representation. Further studies in this area may be related to the improvement of geostatistical data analysis and pollution distribution prediction methods. As an example, mathematical formulas were presented to determine the atmospheric pollution index and the true or predicted pollution index, which can be determined on the basis of the data obtained and represented by elements of the ArcGis software package in a discrete and continuous form.

Keyphrases: analysis, ArcGIS, atmosphere, database, enterprise., environment, GIS, model, monitoring, pollution

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