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Impact of Glass Ceiling on Women Career Development in Health Sector of Pakistan

EasyChair Preprint no. 4608

21 pagesDate: November 19, 2020


In todays’ era of competitive economies of the world, the contribution of females has become imperative for any country to be present in the race of human betterment and quality of life. This study on glass ceiling has been carried out for determining the impediments sustaining on the face of women career development and professional growth in the organizations. The instrument used for the study was self-administered online questionnaire. The Health Sector was selected for the sampling of 105 female professionals. Data was analyzed using SPSS through correlation and regression analysis. The main limitation of this study was lack of time, lack of access and lack of previous studies/ data on the subject issue. As far as the variables of the study are concerned, dependent variable taken was women career development whereas independent variables were gender stereotype, organizational culture, job nature, work life conflicts and preference for male boss. However, glass ceiling played the role of mediating variable. The result indicates that there is positive relationship between glass ceiling and career development. Moreover, all five variables have positive relationship with glass ceiling

Keyphrases: gender, glass ceiling, Women career development

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