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Influencia de los refuerzos en paneles del fondo de una lancha planeadora bajo carga de impacto

EasyChair Preprint no. 370

10 pagesDate: July 23, 2018


Influence of the reinforce stiffness in the impact of a cylindrical body on reinforced panels is investigated experimentally and numerically. The panel corresponds to a bottom module of a 13-m long planing boat built with aluminum alloy. Experimental tests are developed using the weight drop technique with a steel cylinder sliding inside a vertical tube impacting 1.25x0.65 m test panels. Each panel model has two stiffeners of different height in each direction, and to facilitate its construction flat bars were installed instead of the original angles. Three configurations are tested with different stiffener heights. Response is registered in time with two strain-gages and a displacement sensor. For the numerical part the Explicit Dynamics module of ANSYS is employed, defining the striker and the panel as two independent bodies. To start the process the striker was placed a very small distance from the panel and with an initial velocity of 5.83 m/s. Panel mesh was developed following recommendations from a ship classification society for local analysis. The zone of impact is defined with circular shape for a correct discretization of the contact zone.

Keyphrases: Experimental impact, Numerical impact, Reinforced panels

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