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SCRIBO: a Graph Visualizer & Analytical Tool

EasyChair Preprint no. 8320

5 pagesDate: June 19, 2022


Data science is a very visual field of computer science where everything needs to be depicted graphically in order to derive new forms of data and conclusions from it. For statistics we have bar charts and pie charts which represent the distribution of numbers across various scales. Among the most popular map visualizations are heat maps, dot distribution maps, cartograms, etc. But for relational data such as given a group of people who have contacts with other important business or given a cluster of cities and where we have to calculate the shortest path between two cities or in the game of football what is the shortest path of a player from his current position to the goal post where the state of data is dependent on other data, depicting these relationship’s graphically requires complex visualization software where current implementations are either not user friendly , hard to operate and expensive. This paper introduces  new visualization techniques where graphs can be better rendered using advance techniques such as vertex and edge clipping against  the view port , rendering a large drawing area by panning the view port to focus on a specific region , labelling vertex data with numeric , text and images and advanced analytic algorithms such as finding the shortest path between two vertices  using Djikstra’s ,Floyd ,finding the minimum spanning tree using Prims and kruskals and traversing all vertices in a graph using Breadth first search and Depth first search. This paper explains the above mentioned techniques in detail and how they can work together to create an advanced visualization tool for data scientists working with bidirectional  weighted  relational data i.e graphs and also aims to create graph’s visually using a point and drag interface and employ a variety of algorithms to visually see the results of those algorithms.

Keyphrases: Analytics, graph, relational, visualization

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