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IoT Based Railay Tracking System

EasyChair Preprint no. 8375

4 pagesDate: July 3, 2022


This paper proposes the design of crack finding robot car in the railway tracks. In India rail transportation
engage a major pose in asset with the essential transportation to maintain necessities of a briskly emergent
financial system. At present, India possesses the 4th major railway net in the globe. Railways are therefore a
dangerous option for travel. It has proven inappropriate for the control system currently in use in Indian
railways. Therefore, there is a need to have new technology which will be vigorous, well organised and stable
for both crack detection in railway track as well as objector things detection. A robust monitoring system has
been suggested and clarified in this paper to address the shortcomings of the existing rail surveillance system
to detect cracks of the railway tracks. To detect cracks & broken track in railway track. To design & develop IoT
enabled Robo-Car. To inform Railway Controller about cracks & damaged track information when detected by
the ro-bot. To send all the information through wireless communication based devices. Designing the project to
overcome this problem. This robot includes two ultrasonic sensors, GPS Sensor, Node MCU ESP8266 Wi-Fi
Module, Lead Acid 12V/1.3Ah Battery, 16x2 LCD Display, 12V DC Geared Motor, Motor Driver Module

Keyphrases: Cloud Computing, IoT, Smart City

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